Offgridding UK grew from a desire to use the sun's energy to turn collected rainwater into drinking water at a remote Northumberland beach house in order to become self-sufficient.

Harnessing The Sun And The Rain

Harvesting rainfall before it hits the ground makes perfect sense. UK households are increasingly adapting their rooftops to capture the sun's energy, especially so in rural and off-grid settings. Only some of this energy could provide the heartbeat of a rainfall harvesting solution from the same roof.

We struggled to find a UK company with adequate knowledge of rainwater harvesting systems who were keen to help, so we ended up doing it ourselves. We carefully sourced best-in-class components from around Europe & Australasia and combined our knowledge of marine engineering and PV solar..

Finding The Perfect Solution

Understanding how much rain can be captured, storage, filtration, treatment and the energy requirements involved can be a daunting task. Don't be put off! We can guide you through the process - from free advice to solution design and component sourcing, right through to installation, commissioning and water quality testing – with all the honesty, integrity and pragmatism such a project requires.

Conserving Energy In The Home

We're also huge fans of conserving energy in the home and are installers of the most elegant secondary glazing solution for heritage homes & listed buildings. It draft proofs and reduces heat loss through glass by up to 60%. Perfect for sash windows, it's a stunning result with an impact on energy bills to match. Installed in National Trust properties and reviewed by Listed Heritage magazine.

Offgridding UK

We are a small but specialist business providing bespoke services to enable you to move your home or dwelling onto a more self-sufficient footing, with a less consumptive footprint.

Based on Tyneside, also serving Northumberland, North Yorkshire, the Lake District & Scottish Borders.

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